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Pledge to do your part.

Everyone's got a role to play in the fight against COVID-19, especially the Palmetto State's business leaders. Familiarize yourself with health and safety best practices, then take the pledge so we can all Stay SC Strong.

Check the boxes below each icon to pledge you will follow these safety measures.

Wear Masks

Require the use of face masks that cover the nose and mouth when social distancing isn't possible and keep hand sanitizer and soap stocked and accessible.

Reduce Employees' Exposure

Offer telework options when feasible, and consider staggering start times and shifts for on-site workers to reduce employees' exposure.

Quarantine When Necessary

Encourage sick workers and patrons to stay home until their symptoms stop and their quarantine period ends and provide incentives for workers to stay home.

Encourage Recommended Guidelines

Promote social distancing, regular hand washing, using hand sanitizer and other basic guidelines in the workplace.

After you check the items above, a field will appear for you to enter your email. Share it with us and a badge and poster confirming that you have taken this pledge will be delivered straight to your inbox.

Thank You!

Thank you for subscribing! Help spread the word about the pledge. Check your inbox for assets you can share with your network. Want more guidance on how to keep your business healthy? Explore our resources on how to Stay SC Strong.

Business Resources

Explore these support materials to help keep your business healthy.